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Environmentally Friendly • 100% Contained Pest ControlSafe for use in homes, hospitals, schools, restaurants, apartment complexes, agri-businesses and more!

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The utmost humane and safe solution to our country’s rat problem. Serving New York City to Los Angeles, Chicago to Miami, Boston to New Orleans, and Baltimore/Washington D.C. to Houston. Rats in our country are not city or neighborhood, residential or commercial, big city or small town specific and neither are we. If you have a rat problem, we can help.

Our Rat Trap Device


The system involves an electromechanical machine that attracts rat and mice with natural feed and other food substances as opposed to artificial and potentially harmful bait.

Controls Spread of Diseases and Reproductive Cycles

The rodents are trapped and isolated in our proprietary solution within the mechanism, preventing the spread of infectious disease and any chance of a continuation of the reproductive cycle.


Rat Trap Distribution Inc. and it’s partners have been employing their devices as an effective system to catch rats and mice in an eco-friendly manner in the New York metropolitan area and throughout the United States for more than 5 years.

Flexible Usage

The device’s mechanism can be used safely and effectively indoors or outdoors, can be floor-mounted or suspended and can trap as many as 35 rats and up to 100 mice in one containment. Special accessories further ensure confidentiality, security and ease of positioning.


The animal is attracted by the smell of natural feed and is instantly captured as soon as it tries to eat by activating a sensitive mechanism, allowing continuous and multiple captures.

Ecological & Safe

Our devices does not use poisons or harmful substances. Natural feeds ensure the safety of children and domestic pets. Containing the captured rodents ensures a clean and healthy environment.

Prevention & Monitoring

Our device’s product range provides a comprehensive solution to rodent control. It is effective for prevention, monitoring, eradication, and maintaining a healthy environment.

How To Fight Rats

Rats are creatures of opportunity and the smallest of opportunities is all they need to invade your home, your business or your entire neighborhood. The following tips can help you prevent rat infestations, counter-attack new ones and stop them from getting out of hand. If you need a safe, environmentally clean way of getting rid of them, you should contact us right away…

How To Prevent Infestations FAQ

  • Only need a hole the size of a quarter to enter a home
  • Need only one ounce of food and one ounce of water a day to survive
  • Use urine and pheromones to communicate
  • Use pipes to move freely and can enter in pipe openings or electrical sockets
  • Feces/Urine (Rats may deposit 35-45 droppings over a 24 hour period)
  • Rub/Smudge Marks (oil from skin)
  • Runways
  • Burrows in available earthen space
  • Gnaw marks on wood or wires
  • Holes in walls and sidewalks
  • Live or dead rats are a “dead” giveaway that you may have a potential pest problem
  • Numerous flies around windows may indicate something is dead
  • Don’t leave your doors open for extended periods of time
  • Educate residents
  • Clean garbage areas daily
  • Plug up holes, seal up cracks and vents (Copper Gauze or X-cluder Mesh)
  • Screen windows and seal doors
  • Manage the garbage
  • Remove pests’ shelters (garbage clutter)
  • Don’t feel the local wildlife (cat or pigeon feeders contribute to rat problems)
  • Keep the garbage tightly covered
  • Common areas
  • Entryways
  • Basement
  • Dumpster
  • Trash chutes
  • Yard/Green space/Planters
  • Compactor room
  • Anywhere food or pet food is stored or consumed
  • Anywhere there has been a complaint

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